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Whether you’re overweight or over dieting, Wendy Shanker and The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life will help you drop insecurity instead of pounds.

Wendy Shanker is a fat, healthy, beautiful girl who has simply had enough. Enough of family, friends, co-workers, women’s magazines, even strangers on the street, all trying (and failing) to make her thin. She finally decided, “If I can’t take it off, I’m going take it on.”

With a mandate to change the world—and the energy to do it—Wendy shows how media madness, corporate greed, and even the most well-intentioned loved ones prey on our shrink-to-fit minds, if not our shrink-to-fit bodies. She invites people of all sizes, shapes, and dissatisfactions to trade self-loathing for self-tolerance, celebrity worship for reality reverence, and a carb-free life for a guilt-free Krispy Kreme donut.

Wendy explores dieting debacles, full-figured fashions, and feminist feelings while guiding you through exercise clubs, doctor’s offices, shopping malls, and even the bedroom. She believes that you can be fit and fat, even as the weight loss industry conspires to make you think otherwise. The Fat Girl’s Guide To Life asks you to step off the scale and weigh the issues for yourself. (Bloomsbury, April 2004)

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Voted Barnes & Noble Best of 2004 Staff Favorite!

"A brave, funny, empowering, funny, necessary (and did I mention funny?) book. THE FAT GIRL'S GUIDE TO LIFE is chicken soup for the big girl's soul." Jennifer Weiner, author, Good In Bed

"Funny, feminist, fat, friendly, and fierce. It's food, it's fulfilling." Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues

"Put on your seatbelt and enjoy the fun-filled, wacky ride!" Emme, supermodel host of E!'s Fashion Emergency and author of True Beauty

"Wendy Shanker's terrific book proves that size does matter. Luckily for us, she has huge talent, wit, and insight." Susan Shapiro, author of Five Men Who Broke My Heart

Praise for Wendy Shanker:
"A woman to watch: fierce, funny, media-savvy."Ms. Magazine
"Gut-busting."Entertainment Weekly
"A bubbly diva."
Harper's Bazaar
"A breath of fresh air."
"Sharply witty, screamingly sassy, achingly humorous."
Citysearch New York
"Head straight over to Wendy's show."
Time Out New York